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  • It is important to know that Next Generation Services is more than a world class cleaning company. Our business priority is for you to experience un-paralleled service quality and customer satisfaction. For this to be realized our team must be motivated by a strong sense of purpose that goes beyond cleaning. This is our unique difference.
  • We are in the business of growing people, especially young people, coaching them to be strong, healthy, autonomous, self-reliant and competent citizens.  We resource their dreams and passions helping them to discover, develop and deliver on them. We aspire to have a business full of leaders that lead beyond their work. They lead at home and in their communities both here and abroad. Every person that is on our team is afforded this opportunity.  Success is not measured by the destination but by the journey. Not by making money but by making a difference, to yourself, your family, your community and the world.
  • Our Core Values express the heart principles of our company providing a way to measure our success.
  • We are looking for Hotels owners and managers who want to establish a dynamic partnership with our specialist housekeeping teams.